Discover how Business Sales Machine can drive your Business Growth

Automate business sales, customer service, and order booking tasks, freeing up valuable time & resources

Why to adopt Business Sales Machine in your Business?

  • 52 hrs/wk
    Time saved by companies after using BSM
  • 7x Boost
    In direct sales for Business with BSM
  • Save upto $9999/yr
    By automating customer support & sales with WhatsApp BOT
  • 99% Delivery Rate
    to all the customers on WhatsApp over email/other tools
  • 70% Faster
    Sales closure than regular WhatsApp/Email
  • 80% Boost
    In customer loyalty for companies that invest in BSM

This Webinar will be checking all the below boxes

  • Increase your LIVE program show-up rates by 60%.
  • Convert Dead leads & one-time buyers into recurring clients
  • Create a value-based connection with your audience
  • Boost your conversion rates like never before
  • 5x your revenue in 90days by systematic retargeting
  • Unleash the true potentialof your coaching business.

This Webinar is for you if you are

  • Coaches who looking ways to improve your Business & Sales
  • Business owner of any D2C or B2B company wanting to streamline/automate sales funnel or customer success
  • Who wants to use their Dead Leads to Make them as recurring Clients
  • Individual who owns and manages a business in the wholesale, retail, or manufacturing industry.

Here’s what you will learn in the Masterclass

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To unlock all bonuses worth Unlock all bonuses worth ₹50,000

  • Coaching Secrets - 90days WhatsApp Challenge.
  • WORLD-CLASS-TRAINER - WCT (Webinar Selling Secrets, FB, Insta, YT, more)
  • Foundation (ROOTS) Programs - (Life Purpose, Habit Building, MONK Mind 531am & 9pm Rituals, Billionaire Action Planner 2023)
  • VIP WhatsApp Community Group.

Success Stories / Improvments After BSM

Meet the Founder


Meet Millionaire Magesh, a seasoned professional with 24 years in software engineering and 9 years as an entrepreneur. His diverse expertise includes coaching in Bhagavad-Gita, Life Growth 365, WhatsApp Automation, and the innovative MindMechanic24×7, MyLifeFreedom

Millionaire Magesh has undergone extensive training in top coaching programs and received recognition with the International Excellence Award in 2022 for creating the world’s first WhatsApp platform for life transformation, honored by Actor SONU SOOD.

Drawing from five years of mentorship, he understands the value of guidance, leading to the introduction of the Read 365 Books WhatsApp platform. This platform aims to assist individuals in overcoming personal and professional struggles for transformative life experiences. With a wealth of experience, Millionaire Magesh is dedicated to providing clarity, consistent advice, and fulfillment in life’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect my WhatsApp with this tool?
Scan QR code in our tool, like you do with WhatsApp web.
Whether my device need to be active always with internet enabled?
No, it works exactly like current WhatsApp web – while scanning only it need to be active and internet needed.
Can I deactivate my WhatsApp account after connecting with tool?
If deactivated, it’ll we disconnected from our tool too & you can’t use it in the tool.