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Read2Transform 90-Minute LIVE Webinar

Date: 30th July 2023 Time: 11 AM

By India’s Leading & Award-Winning Coach ‘Millionaire’ Magesh

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If you have the drive, ambition, and willingness to transform your personal and professional growth, we’re here to help you.

Working Professionals

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

People Exploring New Career Paths

Individuals Seeking Personal Growth

Here's What You'll Discover in this 90-Minute Webinar

Join this "first-of-its-kind" live workshop designed to transform all aspects of your life, even if you have not read a single book in your life.

1. Transform Your 9 Pillars of Life:

Gain a deep understanding of the 9 transformative Life Principles that have the power to reshape your career, profession, and business.

2. Practical Strategies for Implementation:​

Learn Actionable Strategies And Techniques For Effectively Implementing The 9 Life Principles Into Your Daily Routine.

3. Fast Track Your Way To Growth in 90 Days: ​​

Discover The 90-Day Growth Blueprint For 100% Transformation In Your Career & Business, Improving Your Professional Skills, And Positioning Yourself For Success.

Go from ‘Passive Reader’ to ‘Action Taker’

Master the Power of the 9 Pillars of Life Transformation Through Books

Pillar #1


Pillar #2


Pillar #3


Pillar #4


Pillar #5

Social Life

Pillar #6


Pillar #7

Business Life

Pillar #8

Financial Freedom

Pillar #9


By delving into these 9 Pillars of Life, you will embark on a holistic journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and transformation.

Each pillar is interconnected, supporting and strengthening the others, enabling you to create a life that is aligned, purposeful, and abundant.

How ‘Read2Transform’ Webinar Has Helped 1000+ Professionals & Business Owners

In this webinar, you will discover 9 Core Life Principles that serve as pillars to transform your life and unlock your true potential.

These 9 principles help you identify areas for improvement and provide guidance in essential areas such as mindset, personal development, relationships, health, financial freedom, and more.

In short, you will be on a transformative journey that will enable you to make positive changes, achieve your goals, and live a more fulfilling and successful life.

Join this workshop and unlock the potential within you to create a life that truly resonates with your dreams and aspirations.

From The Founder

Millionaire Magesh
With His Mentor Ron Malhotra

Millionaire Magesh is India’s leading and award-winning Life Transformation Coach.

With a proven track record of success and numerous accolades, Magesh is at the forefront of the coaching sector, guiding 1000+ individuals towards personal and professional growth.

As the CEO of Read 365 Books, Life Growth 365, WhatsApp Automation, and MindMechanic 24×7, Magesh has established himself as a visionary entrepreneur, dedicated to helping others unleash their full potential. 

His expertise and innovative approach have earned him recognition and respect within the coaching industry.

He is on a mission to help 100,000 working professionals and business owners unleash their true potential, achieve unprecedented success, and transform their lives into ones filled with fulfilment and abundance.

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Read2Transform 90-Minute LIVE Webinar​

Date: 30th July 2023 | Time: 11 AM