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  1. Uncontrolled Outbursts: I struggled with frequent and intense episodes of uncontrolled anger.

  2. Damaged Relationships: My explosive reactions took a toll on personal and professional relationships.

  3. Physical and Mental Health Impact: Anger negatively impacted my well-being, leading to stress, anxiety, and even physical health issues.

  4. Poor Conflict Resolution: I had difficulty resolving conflicts constructively, often escalating situations.

  5. Regret and Guilt: After an anger episode, I would feel intense regret and guilt for the damage caused.


  1. Emotional Regulation: I’ve learned effective techniques to manage and regulate my emotions, especially anger.

  2. Improved Relationships: The skills acquired in anger management have significantly improved my interactions, fostering healthier relationships.

  3. Enhanced Well-being: With better control over anger, my mental and physical well-being has noticeably improved.

  4. Conflict Resolution Skills: I now approach conflicts with a calmer mindset, using effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

  5. Emotional Freedom: The burden of regret and guilt has lifted, allowing me to navigate life with a greater sense of emotional freedom and control.

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Karun Marn

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Weekly Hackathon – LIVEWorth 4999
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Weekly Expert TalkWorth ₹5999
VIP Community GroupPriceless

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