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99% people built skill for doing a job through traditional education (schools/colleges), but not learnt DEPTH about Personal development like mindset, health, relationship which needs for Day to Day Life.

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What You will Learn in

Course #1

Discover Your Life Purpose

If you’re seeking for the purpose of life, You’re at the right place. We Identify your natural talents and guide you to define life purpose

What do you get? / How to get it? :
1. Live Session about Discovering Life Purpose.
2. Create your Life Purpose & get it reviewed.

Course #2

Legendary Foundation

Read365books.com – Daily 1 Book (365 Days, 365 Books) & Package books (weekly 1 book), Experts Motivational speech, Experts Coaches Notes, Mind Mechanic 24×7, Discover Life Purpose

What do you get?
1. Live Session – Orientation
2. WhatsApp will deliver daily.

Course #3

Mind Mechanic 24x7

A healthy well functioning mind is: Productive, Focused, Clear, Happy, Creative, and Resilient.

What do you get? / How to get it? :
1. Live Session – Each topic
2. Assignments.

Course #4

Legendary Productivity

Being productive is about maintaining a steady, average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything.

We give you a 

  1. Life Goal, 
  2. Executable plan
  3. Exclusive dashboard access to monitor life purpose towards Fulfillment

Course #5

Experts Talk Intensive Session

Weekly 1 Expert in the following fields:

  1. Medical Doctor
  2. Career
  3. Personal development
  4. Relationship & more Experts

Focused Block : Daily LIVE Zoom session

LIVE Accountability call : Daily LIVE Zoom session


Course #6

CashFlow 24x7

Cash flow is the movement of money in and out. Cash received signifies inflows, and cash spent signifies outflows.

What you’ll get:

1. Coaching Industry

Coaching 3-steps process 

  1. You architect (Creator)
  2. Hire 2 members 
  3. Find a mentor

2. Reducing your Over Spending, You won’t run out of Cash

3. Your life will be Peaceful & Stress-Free and no more cash problems in life

Course #7

ME time (Personal development)

A personal development plan is an action plan that you can use to identify: Your individual goals and what you want to achieve. Your strengths and weaknesses. The areas you need to improve and develop to meet your goals. What you need to do to achieve your goals.

Here we’ll Help You to Design Your Personal Time Well. 

  •  How to getup early morning
  •  Morning rituals & more..

Smart Schedule

Do you want to Schedule Messages on Whatsapp for your family, friends, or others?

Schedule Whatever you want to send to anyone at any time!!!

Don’t miss out on any of the special or important things to share with anyone you want.

We provide you the Exclusive Software Tools to monitor your day to day activities.

What Our Expert Coaches Have to Say about

We need consistent practice to get the most out of meditation. This daily 365-day meditation is going to help to make us physically healthy, mentally strong, emotionally stable, socially well-defined and spiritually grounded.

Sujatha, Meditation Coach

Be one among the 1000+ people who fixed their Career, Personal and Health Problems through our LIFE GROWTH 365 MEGA MOVEMENT

"Friendly Relationship with Boss"

"I got 30% Hike"

"Feeling More Organized"

"Helped in Quiting Bad Habits"

"Doing Meditation Daily"

"Relieved from Anxiety"

"Improved Personal Relationship"

If You Answered YES to Even ONE of the Above,
Then You Need Life Transformation-365

Why Learn Meditation?

To manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate peace of mind. But there are thousands of studies documenting other less-known meditation benefits, which can positively impact mental, physical, and emotional health. You simply have to establish a practice and repeat it consistently.

This meditation session can give us the ability to bounce back quickly from all the challenges we all face in our life. You will learn a meditation process to help you win over life’s challenges, from overcoming a traumatic heartbreak to increasing daily productivity. The physical and mental benefits of the meditation session will help you unlock doors to a better life filled with happiness, health, and abundance. This meditation session will turn out to be the food for your hungry mind and soul.

Join the 3-hour meditation session to experience

New Mega Movement

life Growth - 365

Designed By Millionaire Magesh

Millionaire Magesh has 22 years of Software Experience and is the founder of Life Growth 365,  Read365Books, WhatsApp Automation and MindMechanic24x7 in the Coaching sector.

He has worked with many mentors over the last two years who made him realize the importance of having someone to guide you towards the fulfillment of your life’s purpose and give you clarity and consistent advice for the right action.

He Introduced the Life Growth-365 Mega Movement to help you to come out of your personal and professional struggles and transform your lives.


Most frequent questions and answers

The session will be held on 3rd September 2022 from 7pm onwards.

The session will be LIVE and interactive so participants can ask questions and get their doubts cleared.

The 2 hours Transformation session is FREE

This program gives you a connection between your inner being which is called as Soul. It brings you an accurate clarity on the perception you see life. You will get a clarity of vision and confidence by understanding the inner you. you will see life the way it is and you will steadily walkthrough every day of it without stumbling.

Because we are adjusting towards the New Normal. Right now the world is about getting everything online/remote. Modern Technology development caused many changes in the current era. If people can shop, teach/learn online, you not Transform your Life online? Internet is the easiest medium to reach a large sum of people. Doing this online helps the society to Transform the Life from the comfort of their home.

Secure Your Spot and get Bonuses Worth ₹ 2994/-

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